éric béridon
éric béridon
Biennale au Courtauld Institute Of Art - Londres (2012-2013)
Biennale EAST Wing X - Exposition "Material Matters" 
La biennale East Wing est une exposition d'art contemporain qui se tient pendant deux ans dans l'aile est de l'université Courtauld Institute of Art et qui est organisée par les étudiants du Courtauld Institute. Elle a été inaugurée en 1991 et a exposé des artistes comme Gilbert et George, Howard Hodgkin et Damien Hirst entre autres.

La dixième exposition du comité East Wing s'est déroulée du 20 janvier 2012 à juillet 2013. Intitulée, "Material Matters", cette exposition a célébré des artistes contemporains établis et émergents qui explorent l'utilisation de nouveaux medias ou matériaux inhabituels ou qui réinterprètent les formes traditionnelles de la représentation au sein de laquelle le travail d'Eric Béridon trouve bien sa place.

"Material matters" était la dixième exposition d'East Wing et marquait le vingtième anniversaire d'East Wing au Courtauld Institute of Art. L'exposition a également coïncidé avec les Jeux olympiques de Londres 2012 qui ont donné une dimension culturelle passionnante aux événements qui se sont déroulés.
2012-2013, "Material Matters: The Power of the Medium"
By Nadine Loach, Head of Exhibition
"Having included artists including Gilbert and George and Howard Hodgkin in past exhibitions, Material Matters featured both emerging and established artists from around the globe, united by their use of pioneering media or re-interpretation of traditional forms of representation. From Meekyoung Shin’s soap-made vases and pots in Ghost Series (2011), to Gabriel Dawe’s site-specific thread structure, Plexus no. 11 (2011), the exhibition sought to acquaint viewers with the process of creating art, breaking down the boundaries between the pieces and the viewer. This theme was explored further in our series of Outreach programs for Material Matters, which included our Family Fun Day and our lecture series featuring Tom Hunter, Philip Levine, Rosalind Davis and Patrick Hughes. 
January 2012 marked the tenth anniversary of the East Wing Collection. Material Matters is a celebration of the material properties that have embodied contemporary art in the years since its foundation. 
All too often the physical properties of an artist’s work are secondary to the way in which we interact with them in any given space. Material Matters addressed this imbalance with an exhibition of the states of art: a discussion and exploration of the manifold physical characteristics of artistic production. Material Matters addressed the manner in which we read and receive radical changes in art’s material world. 
The interaction of material with space comes together in unique synchronicity in the eighteenth-century interior of Somerset House. Offering a poignant counterpoint to the permanent works of The Courtauld Gallery next door, the temporality of the East Wing Biennial allowed for a more creative and unconventional use of a traditional space. Past East Wing shows have included the installation of the dropping of raw bread dough through the central cavity of the celebrated exhibition staircase, and Material Matters fully intended to further such deliberately avant-garde pursuits of materials and display."
Les artistes selectionnés par East Wing X pour l'exposition "Material Matters"
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