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Exhibition 2020
Fondation Fernet-Branca
Eric Béridon
1st July till 13th September 2020
Eric Béridon presented several artworks in 2020 at the Fernet-Branca Foundation in an exhibition entitled "Pop-up Artists". 

For this exhibition, the Fernet-Branca Foundation invited 39 artists to invest the 1,500 m² of the site of the old distillery, fitted out according to plans by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte.

"Pop-Up Artistes is an exhibition that presents the dynamism and creativity of the Rhine region. This creativity exists because there is an alchemy between different components: the presence of artists, art schools, institutional and private venues for contemporary art, galleries, collectors and contemporary art fairs. In addition, this creativity is put into perspective by a tri-national emulation: German, Swiss and French." [Pierre-Jean Sugier, directeur de la FONDATION FERNET-BRANCA]

Pop-Up Artistes made it possible to explore this creative diversity, "by showing daring and even provocative works, large powerful formats, central rectos versos, but also proposals for small paintings with finesse..."
Light on the last artworks

"Light is an integral part of my artwork. It is not there to "illuminate" the frame, nor for decorative.

It acts as a medium and creates the link between natural elements and those more conceptual.  
Thereby it never appears directly to the viewer, it is located 'between' the elements and creates a vibration due to their different shapes and textures. 
In addition, more external light decreases, the inner light takes precedence over the formal aspect of the. The light then becomes the own energy of the artwork."

ISBN 978-2-9534504-1-5 - Legal deposit 2020 - Copyright Eric Béridon

Artistical statements
"Assemble in one process body and mind, nature and civilization"
"What really interest me is to be as close as possible to the link that could exist between nature and culture, body and mind, material and spiritual.  

Is the spirit a spiritual principle detachable from the body, if this is the soul and if it is approached in a religious way?  
Or an empirical and elitist principle of the animal, if one contemplates it in a scientific way? 
Is it matter that creates the mind or spirit that permeates matter?
To approach it, I had to tend towards a work, not additive, but subtractive, purging my gesture. The technique always remaining at the service of the subject. I did not wish to be in the line of the painters of the transformation, I did not want to enslave the painting, the drawing.

I also did not want to be in the line of works that were only conceptual, where the emergence of the idea takes precedence over the environment.  
I voluntarily limit my intervention to leave to nature and matter their creative power. 

In my work, matter is not layed down on the canvas, nor controlled by my gestures; it often results, as in some of my pieces, from an imprint made on the ground of a remnant of extinct fire. Fire that refers to our first origins.

All the interest over the years has been to confront or associate with this matter a plastic representation of the spirit:

In my first work of sculpture, my intervention was summarized in a hollow work; it is the natural light that makes faces appear in hollow like fossilized souls.
Then in the initial series of F (artworks with fire print, from 2005 to 2009), the spirit materializes by my gesture reduced to just laying down coloured pigments on the canvas.
As of 2010, this representation takes several forms: either a figurative form, vaporous, which does not represent the body but the spirit that comes to impregnate the matter; either in the form of strata as parallel universes; either in a more conceptual form but always confronted with matter.
Since 2012 some works involve a new element: artificial light. It never directly appears to the view; it lies between the elements; it serves as a link between the natural elements (the body) and the more conceptual ones (the mind), creating a vibration."
ISBN 978-2-9534504-1-5 - Legal deposit 2020 - Copyright Eric Béridon
ISBN 978-2-9534504-1-5 - Legal deposit 2020 - Copyright Eric Béridon
ISBN 978-2-9534504-1-5 - Legal deposit 2020 - Copyright Eric Béridon
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